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A New FDC Board for S-100 Systems


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  A New FDC Board for S-100 Systems by John Monahan - 02/02/2011 23:25
For people that may be interested in building a new S-100 Floppy disk
controller (FDC) board that can be configured to work with most 8 and
5 (soft sectored) disks I have designed and built a new Z80 based
Western Digital 2793 FDC board. With Andrew's help (3 prototype
boards later!) we now have a board that we are very happy with.

With its own independent Z80 on board, it is completely command driven
via 2 parallel ports (with strobe bits) to/from the S-100 bus. This
makes writing BIOS'es for any operating system very simple and easy.
For anybody that's interested in obtaining a bare board we will be
ordering a batch real soon.

Please see here for a more complete description.



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