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  LNW80 Computer by Bill Degnan - 12/29/2010 21:30
The LNW80 Computer by LNW Research Corporation was a TRS 80 Model 1 clone computer that ran at 4 Mhz.

LNW80 docs

More Pictures

I have not been able to boot any OS disks yet, but I have been able to get to the BASIC prompt and run some simple programs.

  LNW80 DOSPLUS by Bill Degnan - 01/06/2011 00:08
LNW80 Boot screen of DOSPLUS 3.4 (on an Apple /// monitor).

  Using a VRData Hard Disk III with LNW? by Bill Degnan - 02/09/2011 22:20
I would be thrilled to find the TRS 80 Model I I/O Bus Interface Adapter described in the Hard Disk III User's Manual for the TRS-80 Model I / III & LNW 80. I actually have a 2nd Hard Disk III drives, if one does not work perhaps the other will.

It's more realistic to attempt to make the Hard Disk III work with the Model III, as this does not require the I/O adapter. I have been asking around, no one ever heard of this adapter! Maybe I have one someplace, but I seriously doubt it.



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