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The Last HOPE 2010 July 16-18 NYC


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  The Last HOPE 2010 July 16-18 NYC by Bill Degnan - 07/19/2010 21:39
The Last HOPE - Hackers on Planet Earth convention

I arrived Friday night to check out a preview of Jason Scott's new video, "Get Lamp" which was shown at 11PM in the Tesla room that night.


Jason really has a talent for production and his interview format makes for a very effective documentary. "Get Lamp" is about text adventure games and the preview segment he chose to show was titled InfoCom. They're the company that made text adventures like Zork and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy among others.

At noon on the 17th Evan K and I did a talk in front of about 500 people. The subject was the influence of the Mid-Atlantic region on the development of computer technology. Evan really has a gift for telling stories, he makes it look easy. We got a lot of good questions from the after talk Q&A session.


MARCH also had a exhibit space on Saturday the 17th.

The AT&T 3B1 Exhibit "The Hacker Crackdown". Click image for larger version.

My portion was called The Hacker Crackdown based on the book by Bruce Sterling. I re-created a typical computing environment used by hackers described in this book featuring an AT&T 3B1 UNIX PC. I ported a copy of the Phrack archives (vols 1-26). I also installed a copy of Adventure! in honor of Get Lamp so people who saw the video could try out the game for themselves.

Thank you everyone who visited our exhibit, especially those who taught me how to better use the 3B1, It was amazing how many people at the convention were familiar with this system.

Pictured are two contemporary Systems. On the left is the Digital VAX Station 4000 VLC, and on the right is the AT&T 3B1. Fellow MARCH member Sridhar A. brought the VAX station. Click image for larger version.

Jonathan's Kaypro II system was used to connect to the Internet via a Sun Sparc running in the NOC of the convention. Later we connected the AT&T 3B1 to the SunSparc via Kermit. Click image for larger version.

Evan K brought MARCH's PDP 11/05 computer, and we demonstrated to the crowd how to use the front panel to enter data into address locations. Click image for larger version

We all owe a big THANK YOU to BernieS of 2600 magazine who always makes us feel welcome at HOPE. This was our third show and definitely the best one so far. Bernie brought a Telstar pong game and we put it next to our Atari 2600 so people could play games at our booth. Click image for larger version. Pic 2

More Pics

I do not have an individual picture of telmnstr@757's TRS 80 Model 4 or Sridhar's Apple II, but if you click on the image above you can see them on the exhibit table with the other stuff. There was also a TRS 80 Model 200 (I think), not sure who's that was, but it was at our table for a while.



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