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  'nother Northstar Horizon by Bill Degnan - 06/12/2010 10:43
Rich Cini gave me a non-functional Northstar Horizon at the CP/M workshop the other month. I have finally gotten around the Horizon that I was given a few months ago. This was a system with the Vector Graphics cards. I removed the Vector Graphics cards and replaced with stock Horizon cards. Works fine, no issues. Pictures

Each year I hope to be able to do a demo of a Northstar Horizon in computer history class, this year I have a better chance at at least one of these working when the day comes. I have had issues in the past.

My question - The front face plate of my first Horizon reads


This new one reads

North Star * Computers

The answer: The plate that reads "NorthStar" came first.

Both of my systems have the wooden chassis cover. Next I plan to determine exactly what originally came with either of these systems so I can return them more or less to original stock if possible.

One other comment. Wikipedia says the Northstar Horizon was launched in 1979, not 1977...What gives?




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