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IBM 5144 Display


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  IBM 5144 Display by Bill Degnan - 12/17/2009 22:31
The IBM 5144 was the first "modern" design display made by IBM.

The IBM 5140 PC Convertible Laptop had a lot of add-on features. One of these was an rear attachment for an external display. Pictured is the 5144 monochrome display.

The IBM 5144 the monochrome display made for the Convertible. There was also a color version. The 5144 pre-dated the PS/2 line VGA monitor style, and had the same angles as the 8514 and other first generation PS/2 VGA monitors.

The IBM 5140 came with a customizable menu program and IBM DOS 3.2.

More pictures of IBM PC Convertible Model 5140



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