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Friden Model 132 Electronic Calculator


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  Friden Model 132 Electronic Calculator by Bill Degnan - 12/17/2009 15:38
The 1965 Friden 132 Electronic Calculator was the first electronic calculator capable of doing square root.

The 4 row display of the Friden 132.

More pictures

  Power Supply Repairs by Bill Degnan - 07/14/2015 15:49
This image shows the memory coil from the 132 removed by wiggling around the 4 white clips that hold it into place. The memory coil rests on the table still attached to the wire harness. The bottom of the system, normally hidden by the memory coil, is now exposed. The underside of the logic board bus is closest to the table. From here one can test the power supply diodes, caps, and resistors. Click for larger view.

Kyle O. helped me identify failing components necessary to return the display to full brightness and focus, which has faded over time. He applied his experience with a similar machine, the model 130 and had done extensive research into the engineering of these calculators.

UF4007 diodes (-12V line)
680 and 820K resistors. (-12V line)

  repair complete by Bill Degnan - 07/27/2015 22:18
restoration complete. The only bugger is the horizontal position of the display. It actually seems like it was designed to be lower than center, so I left as-is. And I have no idea how to change, the potentiometer for horizontal does not go any higher without causing distortion.

Found an excellent link for more information



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