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Bubble on a 16v 3300 uf


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  Bubble on a 16v 3300 uf by Bill Degnan - 06/29/2009 22:20
has been restoring an Altair 8800 S/N 220744K. By participating in the restoration process I have learned a whole lot and I am starting to apply this knowledge to this and other projects.

For starters, I am going to test every electrical component and compare with another 8800, same model. I want to try to get them both running by comparing and contrasting how they work. This is a good approach for the amateur, if you can find another working system and you know how to use a voltmeter and soldering iron.

Anyway, As I was testing the caps in the back by the power supply I found that one of the caps is about to go:
Image of Altair 8800 16V 3300 uf capacitor with a bubble forming on the plus side. It's the orange mass. For now it still works, but it must be replaced immediately. Click on image for larger view.

NEXT: Replace all capacitors with new components? Or should I attempt to find old new stock?

  Power Supply Caps by Daniel Roganti - 06/30/2009 18:59
You can usually find new caps with the same look and size.

  Altair 8800 power supply capacitors by Bill Degnan - 06/30/2009 23:19
Pictures of the large caps of the power supply controller, compare two 8800 models.

Capacitors for Serial Num 220043K
  • System not working
  • Incorrect voltages

    Capacitors for Serial Num 220744K
  • System is working
  • Correct voltages despite a large bubble on one of the caps. There is also a discoloration nearby, on the controller board. I am not sure if this was repaired yet left stained, but I plan to replace the affected area's diodes, etc too.

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