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The Gavalin SC Laptop


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  The Gavalin SC Laptop by Bill Degnan - 03/17/2009 18:52
I recently picked up the 2nd Gavilan laptop, the SC model.

The 1984 DOS-based Gavilan SC laptop computer.

There was so much battery acid leakage I was amazed I could even power up the system at all (after cleaning with a baking soda solution). When powered up, the system counts from 1 to 5 and then shows a code "010". Not much else. Does not attempt to boot the diskette that came with it. At least the LCD seems to be OK.


  Hi, I have a question about the Gavalin. by Andrew Thomas - 02/28/2011 21:12
Would you be intrested in selling the Gavalin SC laptop to me? I actually worked with this type of computer in the early 90's, and I would like to have one for myself. Please respond if you are intrested, and if not then please let me know.




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