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Apple Lisa 210 A6S0200


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  Apple Lisa 210 A6S0200 by Bill Degnan - 11/17/2008 21:51
In preparation for class demonstration of the Apple Lisa 2/10 I took some new photographs.

Minor repairs were needed. I had to take apart the keyboard because the space bar had dislodged from the little clips that hold it in place. I also replaced the MAC mouse with an original Lisa mouse. Note the new pictures have the original mouse.

  Keyboard Restoration by Bill Degnan - 06/12/2018 15:40
Apple Lisa 2/10
I have had this machine for over 10 years and every so often I take it out for a few hours of use to keep the ICs "fresh". As part of testing I found that some keyboard keys have become unresponsive and will require replacement, similar to how the SOL-20 and others have crumbled pads. Click image for larger view.

My plan was to use LisaTerm to connect to a telnet BBS, but without the "z" and Enter keys I am pretty much stuck until I get the keyboard fixed. NOTE: Plugging a VT-100 keyboard into an Apple Lisa does not work....

I am going to attempt the method described in this VCFed thread, below:



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