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  Product Docs Inventory Update by Bill Degnan - 01/09/2008 23:09
Here is a list of product docs I have on hand, for future reference. This is not a complete list. These docs can be found on the bottom shelf in the middle of the row of the product docs and software book shelves.

  • Shugart SA800/801 Diskette Storage Drive Maintenance Manual
  • Shugart SA460/410 Minifloppy maintenance manual (missing cover)

  • Shugart SA410/460 96 TPI Single/Double-sided Minifloppy Diskette Storage Drives Service Manual
  • Shugart SA1000 Fixed Disk Drive OEM Manual
  • Tandon Product Specifications Mini Double Sided Recording Flexible Disk Drive Model TM100-4 96 TPI DSR
  • Tandon TM50-1, TM50-2 Flexible Disk Drives Product Specification and User's Manual
  • MPI Flexible Disk Drive 91/92 Product Manual
  • WD1002S-WX2A / WD1002A-WX1 Winchester Disk Controller OEM Manual (June 1987)
  • Quantum ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170S Product Manual 1992
  • Adaptec AB 4000 and 5000 Manual 1983
  • Control Data Flexible Disk Drive Model 9494-B Hardware Maint. Manual
  • TEAC Teac FD-55BV-06 Mini Flexible Disk Drive Specification Rev C
  • XEBEC S1410A 5.25 Inch Winchester Disk Controller Owner's Manual rev B 1984
  • The ARMdisk/525 Winchester Controller Product Specification 1982 Preliminary
  • Seagate Dealer Guide Fall 1982
  • Seagate Product Manuals for: ST213, ST 225, ST238R, ST325N, SCSI Interface Manual, Seagate Universal Installation Handbook
  • More Seagate: ST124, ST125, ST125A, ST125N, ST138, ST138R, ST138N, ST157R, ST157A, ST157N
  • Seagate Product Overview Brochure and related materials
  • Video Genie System Expander EG3014 User's Manual
  • C. ITOH & Co., LTD Dot Matrix Serial Impact Printer Model 8510B Users Manual
  • Queme Manual Sprint 5 Series Operator Manual April 1979
  • Technical Manual Centronics Model 702 Printer July 1978
  • Operators Manual Centronics Model 702 Printer July 1978
  • Addendum Centronics Model 702 Printer Nov 1978
  • Technical Centronics Model 779 Printer December 1977
  • 1986 American National Standard for information systems - small computer system interface (SCSI) "a reference manual -wtd"
  • XEBEC S1410 5.25 Inch Winchester Disk Controller Owner's Manual Preliminary ST-506 Interface
  • Konan The DJ 210 3.5" Controller SASI/XSASI to ST-506/412 Hard disks OEM reference manual 10/85
  • (unknown publisher / date) "Hard Disk Drive Data Sheet - Listing of Drive Manufacturers, Complete 286 and 386 Extended Drive Type Table, Over Three Hundred Hard Disks and their Specifications"
  • CMS-1561/LR Multiscan Monitor Operating Manual
  • User's Guide WDXT-GEN Winchester Disk Controller
  • MHD-T34 Hard Drive Kit Operator Manual 1989 Misoys, Inc.

  •   User's Guide WDXT-GEN Winchester Disk by Alex Kampe - 03/20/2008 10:09
    I'm very interested in the "User's Guide WDXT-GEN Winchester Disk Controller".

    How would I about getting it? Please email me at


      WDXT-GEN Winchester Disk Controller by Bill Degnan - 03/20/2008 23:10
    PDF uploaded into IBM area of this site. See original post for link.

      manuals wanted by fred smyth - 06/06/2010 13:03
    Please contact me.
    (leave number and I will call back)




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