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2006 Article about VCF East 3.

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Name Size
altair_32_exhibit.jpg 174,692 KB
altair_PC.jpg 134,055 KB
apollo_guidence_module_a.jpg 261,810 KB
apollo_guidence_modules.jpg 241,253 KB
apollo_guidence_modules_b.jpg 258,299 KB
atari_520ST.jpg 135,558 KB
atari_800xl.JPG 167,908 KB
cannon_cat.jpg 112,246 KB
commodore_B_Series_b.JPG 135,546 KB
commodore_B_Series_c.JPG 132,596 KB
commodore_B_Series_d.JPG 148,930 KB
commodore_B_Series_e.JPG 131,615 KB
core_memory_era_educational_co 87,288 KB
dec_trainer.jpg 126,914 KB
heathkit_analog_educator.jpg 164,807 KB
KIM_exhibit_b.JPG 211,211 KB
KIM_exhibit_c.JPG 156,878 KB
mac_mothership.JPG 139,761 KB
mac_mothership_b.JPG 144,125 KB
mac_mothership_lisaII.JPG 111,982 KB
mike_lowen_exhibit.jpg 150,692 KB
minivac_601.jpg 223,628 KB
national_radio_institute_digit 158,401 KB
os2_exhibit.jpg 157,047 KB
pdp8a.jpg 148,975 KB
tandy_timeline_a.jpg 165,267 KB
VCF3_exhibit_CBMBseries.bmp 2,986,038 KB


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