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Altair8800b Jukebox cover-rmvd
Altair Jukebox front1.jpg
Altair Jukebox front2.jpg
Altair Jukebox rear1.jpg 169,519 KB
Altair Jukebox rear2.jpg
CCS terminator.jpg
DAJEN Setup Commands.JPG
GE Radio.jpg
GodBout EconoRAM-IV.jpg
Lear-Seigler Rear.jpg 274,092 KB
LearSeigler ADM3.jpg
MITS Altair-8800b rear.jpg 225,029 KB
MITS Altair Jukebox1.jpg 180,981 KB
MITS Altair Jukebox2.jpg 436,654 KB
MITS Altair Jukebox3.jpg
MITS Altair Jukebox4.jpg
MITS Altair Jukebox5.jpg
MITS Altair Jukebox6.jpg
MITS Altair Jukebox7.jpg 242,417 KB
MITS Altair Jukebox8.jpg 292,553 KB
MITS Altair Jukebox EasterEgg.
MITS FrontPanel-Card.jpg
MITSJukebox.jpg 27,781 KB
PTCO 2KR0.jpg


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