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1977ApplianceComputer.txt 302 KB
BillDegnan ApplianceComputers.
TRanSistors 4.jpg
Taylor MicroVAX-II PDP1153.jpg
Gesswein Calcomp-563 plotter.j
AppleDappleDudes 2.jpg 173,162 KB
Crawford SuperBrain front-pic2 183,977 KB
Perkins IBM 5155.jpg
Hornberger TRS80M1.jpg
Loewen seated.jpg
Hornberger Docs-Ephemera.jpg 219,213 KB
Roswell 2-Bit-Binary-Adder.jpg
Perera TTY device.jpg
Taylor VT-510.jpg 237,597 KB
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic3.
Perkins Xenix-on-Lisa exhibit. 243,715 KB
Holley SWTPC-2.jpg 248,385 KB
Consignment Station Jim.jpg
Chapman IXR-guests.jpg 257,602 KB
Hornberger TRS80M1 exhibit.jpg 259,918 KB
Perkins replica-SCO-DIsks.jpg 260,799 KB
Perkins Apple Lisa 210.jpg
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic1. 268,287 KB
AppleDappleDudes 6.jpg 275,610 KB
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 276,358 KB
TRanSistors 3.jpg
Consignment Station.jpg 279,842 KB
Akari SGI Indy.jpg 283,737 KB
Crawford SuperBrain front-pic1
Consignment Station2.jpg 292,288 KB
Decker Fletcher 295,369 KB
Gesswein Tektronix 4014.jpg
Roswell Multiputer.jpg 297,118 KB
Crawford SuperBrain rear-pic2. 315,308 KB
AppleDappleDudes 1.jpg 315,523 KB
Gesswein Chain-Printer.jpg 315,889 KB
Karrer MacPortable.jpg
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 320,637 KB
Commodorians 2.jpg 321,678 KB
Commodorians 4.jpg 327,341 KB
Karrer 327,515 KB
Stuart Forth-exhibit.jpg
Chapman IXR-Connor.JPG
Commodorians 12.jpg 333,990 KB
Gesswein PDP8e.jpg
AppleDappleDudes 5.jpg 349,758 KB
Roswell Exhibit 1.jpg 350,660 KB
Chapman IXR-2.jpg
AppleDappleDudes 7.jpg 372,753 KB
Roswell DEC Computer-Lab.jpg 374,593 KB
Commodorians 1.jpg 375,523 KB
TRanSistors 2.jpg 375,796 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson TO8. 377,442 KB
Hornberger desk drivebay.jpg 379,310 KB
AppleDappleDudes 3.jpg 380,902 KB
Perera Enigma.JPG
Taylor DEC-terminals.jpg 384,303 KB
Perera Swiss NEMA.jpg
Stramaglia Tandy-cocos-2.jpg 389,275 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson TO9. 390,256 KB
Salzman C64-Assembly 2.jpg 391,216 KB
Rosen-Bergeron MAC-Museum Exhi 395,195 KB
Holley SWTPC-1.jpg
Dodd Atari-Mods.jpg 397,293 KB
Commodorians 11.jpg 398,711 KB
AppleDappleDudes 4.jpg
Marsin-Mazzoleni exhibit-right 403,856 KB
Decker Fletcher BattleChess Ap 403,917 KB
Consignment 1.jpg 407,375 KB
TRanSistors 1.jpg 424,381 KB
Crawford SuperBrain Kermit-dip
Commodorians 3.jpg 436,760 KB
Stramaglia Tandy-cocos.jpg 439,169 KB
Roswell Exhibit 2.jpg 442,286 KB
Consignment Corsham.jpg
Lange Atari-speech.jpg 442,586 KB
Hill C-64.jpg 444,118 KB
Commodorians 10.jpg
Willegal SCELBI-8B-Star-Shoote
Consignment 2.jpg 453,554 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Excelvision E
Consignment 5.jpg 459,292 KB
Bodnar Heathkit-2.jpg 459,792 KB
Consignment 4.jpg 461,715 KB
Holley SWTPC-3.jpg
TRanSistors 5.jpg 468,095 KB
Commodorians 9.jpg
Chapman IXR-1.JPG 479,246 KB
Bodnar Heathkit-1.jpg
Commodorians 5.jpg 483,059 KB
Roswell Think-a-Tron.jpg 485,205 KB
Consignment 3.jpg 487,041 KB
Commodorians 7.jpg 487,525 KB
TRanSistors 6.jpg 490,846 KB
Salzman C64-Assembly 1.jpg
Willegal SCELBI-8B-Reproductio 492,749 KB
Commodorians 8.jpg 494,339 KB
Loewen Sage pic2.jpg
Dodd Atari-Mods2.jpg 516,664 KB
Perera Russian M-125 Fialka Ci 520,329 KB
Perera Hagelin M-209.jpg 520,863 KB
Commodorians 6.jpg 523,400 KB
Chapman IXR-IDE-kits.JPG 527,961 KB
Loewen Sage pic1.jpg 531,339 KB
Loewen Sage pic4.jpg 544,724 KB
Loewen Sage pic3.jpg 554,942 KB
Chapman IXR-tools.jpg 565,713 KB
Marsin-Mazzoleni Thompson MO5. 571,293 KB
Bodnar Heathkit- HA8-6 Z80-bd.
Roswell ICS portable-trainer.j
Chapman IXR-GotChIps.jpg 599,060 KB
Perera Enigma kybd.jpg 672,403 KB
Perera Enigma wreck.JPG
Perera Enigma kybd-closeup.jpg
1977ApplianceComputer.pdf 1,473,417 KB
SID Chiptune Synth 1.png 4,683,195 KB
Hill PET 2001.png


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