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Name Size
readme.txt 731 KB
teletype_33.jpg 31,794 KB
sol.jpg 36,811 KB
mac_128.jpg 42,625 KB
Lsi_adm_terminal.jpg 42,651 KB
atari_2600.jpg 43,669 KB
apple_MAC_OS_0.8.jpg 47,020 KB
decscope_terminal.jpg 49,000 KB
commodore_geos128.jpg 49,901 KB
apple_ii.jpg 52,837 KB
digital_pdp8e.jpg 55,011 KB
commodore_pet4016.jpg 55,850 KB
apple_lisa_ii.jpg 58,084 KB
apple_iii.jpg 58,809 KB
handheld_computers_a.jpg 60,466 KB
handheld_computers_b.jpg 63,974 KB
sony_smc70.jpg 66,457 KB
commodore_pet4016_vic20.jpg 71,748 KB
apple_lisa_ii_hd.jpg 80,264 KB
sony_smc70_b.jpg 83,554 KB
sol_guts.jpg 93,807 KB
c128DCR_motherboard_austrailia 101,954 KB
apples_bushel_of.jpg 114,073 KB
apple_ii_gs.jpg 287,733 KB
sol_guts_hires.jpg 709,422 KB


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