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Name Size
C1P-ServiceManual.pdf 14,265,731 KB
C1P-UserManual.pdf 25,957,639 KB
OSI Challenger 1P.jpg
OSI Challenger 1P 373,885 KB
OSI Challenger 1P rear-rt.jpg 345,703 KB
OSI Challenger 1P pic2.jpg 331,855 KB
OSI Challenger 1P pic3.jpg
OSI Challenger 1P pwrsupl.jpg
OSI Challenger 1P 600mbd side. 549,057 KB
OSI Challenger 1P 600mbd botto
OSI Challenger 1P rear-ports.j 226,430 KB
OSI Challenger 1P sn7110.jpg 23,873 KB
OSI Challenger 1P pwrsupl-pic2 635,134 KB
OSI Challenger 1P 600mbd side- 327,868 KB
Electrohome display.jpg 203,764 KB
OSI CP1 moBo.jpg
OSI CP1 moBo-pic2.jpg 700,299 KB
OSI CP1 disassembled-working.j 643,898 KB
OSI CP1 regulated-pwr.jpg 610,277 KB
OSI CP1 moBo 6502.jpg 693,131 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic1.jpg 663,677 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic2.jpg 674,613 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic3.jpg 597,009 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic4.jpg 631,356 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic5.jpg 525,155 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack-pic6.jpg 575,156 KB
OSI CP1 baud-hack.jpg 644,900 KB
OSI CP1 J4-pic1.jpg 416,748 KB
OSI CP1 J4-pic3.jpg 379,298 KB
OSI CP1 J3-pic1.jpg 391,481 KB
OSI CP1 2114 RAM.jpg
OSI CP1 ROMs.jpg
OSI CP1 J4-pic4.jpg 538,766 KB
OSI CP1 J4-pic5.jpg 652,277 KB
OSI CP1 J3-pic2.jpg 214,608 KB
OSI CP1 J4-pic2.jpg 131,102 KB
OSI CP1 J3-pic3.jpg 121,706 KB
OSI Challenger w-ElectrohomeMo


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