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Friden 132 carbon
Friden 132 logic-boards.jpg
Friden 132 memory-coil-removed
Friden 132 memory-coil.jpg 395,523 KB
Friden 132 memory-coil2.jpg 428,220 KB
Friden 132 memory-coil cover.j 701,835 KB
Friden 132 memory-coil install
Friden 132 memory-coil white-c 632,756 KB
Friden 132 memory-coil white-c 650,819 KB
Friden 132 memory.jpg
Friden 132 power-supply-caps.j 598,116 KB
Friden 132 SN-7041.jpg 519,535 KB
Friden 132 soln-Pi.jpg
Friden 132 top-cover-removed.j 423,302 KB
Friden 132 UF4007 diodes.jpg
Friden 132 under-memory-coil.j 553,301 KB
Friden Model132 display.JPG 382,330 KB
Friden Model132 front1.JPG
Friden Model132 front2.JPG 212,255 KB
Friden Model132 front3.JPG
Friden Model132 frontRt.JPG 339,491 KB
Friden Model132 keybd.JPG 125,414 KB
Friden Model132 rear.JPG 316,556 KB
Friden Model132 side-left.JPG
Friden Model132 snplate.JPG 87,106 KB
Friden Model132 top.JPG 408,996 KB


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