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The photographs and info below pertain to the Digital PDP 11/05 NC model. There are photos below of the M9970 in the wrong slot, See 11/05 NC Card Guide Labels for correct orientation. The M9970 has since been moved.
Notes on PDP 11/05 NC Support
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Name Size
cover-panel-bracket.jpg 489,732 KB
dec_G109C_front.JPG 698,324 KB
dec_G109c_side2.JPG 686,672 KB
dec_G231-G110_installed.JPG 385,408 KB
dec_G231_front.JPG 644,782 KB
dec_G231_front_zoomJPG.jpg 568,275 KB
dec_G231E_side2.jpg 196,763 KB
dec_H214_core_companion_card_i 768,266 KB
dec_H214_core_installed.JPG 730,543 KB
dec_H214_core_shielding_instal 659,547 KB
dec_M7260_M7261.JPG 348,621 KB
dec_M7260_side2.JPG 248,086 KB
dec_M9970_empty_chassis.JPG 398,811 KB
dec_M9970_M7260_M7261_M7856.JP 474,249 KB
dec_pdp11-05_card-view.jpg 600,892 KB
dec_pdp11-05_front_panel-1.jpg 206,583 KB
dec_pdp11-05_front_panel_left. 491,070 KB
dec_pdp11-05_front_panel_right 345,603 KB
DEC_PDP1105_FrontPanelRearConn 303,695 KB 177,984 KB
dec_r-k_abbr_bootPC_Board-a_fr 426,883 KB
dec_r-k_abbr_bootPC_Board-a_la 332,326 KB
dec_r-k_abbr_bootPC_Board-b_fr 443,388 KB
dec_r-k_abbr_bootPC_Board-b_la 365,679 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 479,891 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 605,989 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 598,058 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 421,424 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 639,496 KB
dec_slu_rtc_option_M7856_50114 170,030 KB
EM_8Kx16_Planar_Memory_913487- 576,285 KB
EM_8Kx16_Planar_Memory_913487- 439,386 KB
EM_8Kx16_Planar_Memory_913487- 640,494 KB
EM_8Kx16_Planar_Memory_compani 375,564 KB
M9970 DIR


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