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NOTE: The photos of the cabinet and the card cage for the tape drive show rust, but the 11/44 itself was much better protected from the elements, no rust in the interior 11/44 chassis. The 11/44 can be removed from the cabinet if you only want the 11/44.
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Name Size
cabinet_interior_bottom-back.j 819,959 KB
cabinet_interior_cables.jpg 690,606 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_1.j 1,031,932 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_2.j 1,067,200 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_3.j 771,949 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_4.j 698,777 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_5.j 1,113,080 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_6.j 1,112,215 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_7.j 867,049 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_rod 972,451 KB
cabinet_interior_card-cage_top 987,446 KB
cabinet_interior_remote-switch 897,322 KB
Digital_PDP11-44_H7140-Module_ 271,577 KB
Digital_PDP11-44_modules-1.jpg 886,970 KB
Digital_PDP11-44_modules-2.jpg 1,111,825 KB
Digital_PDP11-44_modules-3.jpg 1,087,140 KB
Digital_PDP11-44_some-corrosio 1,084,684 KB 232,951 KB
PDP1144_front-chassis-door-ope 344,775 KB
PDP1144_front-key.jpg 574,654 KB
PDP1144_lid-cover-corner.jpg 327,468 KB
PDP1144_lid-cover-front.jpg 345,601 KB
PDP1144_lid-cover-side.jpg 606,527 KB
PDP1144_rear-1.jpg 731,134 KB
PDP1144_rear-2.jpg 656,336 KB
PDP1144_rear-3.jpg 495,622 KB
PDP1144_rear-4.jpg 530,878 KB
TapeDriveCardChassis_1.jpg 566,900 KB
TapeDriveCardChassis_2.jpg 581,992 KB
TapeDriveCardChassis_3.jpg 597,753 KB
TapeDriveCardChassis_4.jpg 585,857 KB
TapeDriveOpening1.jpg 610,618 KB
TapeDriveOpening2.jpg 545,317 KB


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