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  by Bill Degnan - 03/02/2016 10:00
It's more possible than it has been in years to use a Win 3.1 Netscape system to access properly-done responsive device-independent web sites. They're treated like they're mobile phones, and the sizing is nice, works. I had no trouble doing anything on my site. As more and more sites become device independent, you'll find Win 3.1 will be more useful again. The only big gotcha is javascript, you have to turn that off when you browse modern web pages as some code is not compatible with early versions of Netscape (and I presume others of the 90's). You also have to be careful with large files and images. 486 systems have limits to ram. It's vital to use MEMMAKER to get the most of available Windows memory. So, it's not perfect but certainly better than you'd think. Try for example. is also pretty good (I wrote the VCF exhibitor registration form).

I could see someone creating a Netscape 2.0 javascript update to close the loop and return Win 3.1 systems to compatibility. Ironic that the push to make web pages compatible with new mobile devices had the unintended consequence of making them also more compatible with Windows 3.1 systems too.



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