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  by Bill Degnan - 07/23/2011 16:49

INQUIRIES - Please contact the PC repair store 302 295 2249 to discuss.

More Pics

The following items are at my home in Landenberg, PA that I want to sell. Minimim $20 order if shipped.

-----Any of the following are available $30 each---

Zenith 8088 plasma display laptop with extra parts, working.

Commodore 2031 drives, (not working or not fully working)

Commodore 8050 drive, (not working but diagnosed problem, fixable)

NOS TRS 80 Model III disk drive controllers

-----Any of the following are available $20 each---

TRS 80 Model II keyboards,nice shape, untested. One worked the last time my model II worked.

IBM PS/2 8513 monitors

Zenith composite monitors with TRS 80 Model 1 adapters (can be used on anything from Apple, TRS 80, other monochrome composite)

External disk drive enclosures with power supply

IBM PS/2 keyboards "M" model working.

NOS TRS 80 Model III RS232 cards

------Any of the following are available $10 each ----

IBM PS/2 keyboards not fully working, missing keys, etc

TRS 80 Model III disk drives (untested/as-is) Texas Peripherals SSSD

"post-Vintage" 13" VGA monitors - tell me what you want don't ask me what I have



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