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  by Bill Degnan - 12/18/2014 13:32 Inquiry

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Name: Herman
Phone: none given
In regards to blog post titled Action Computer Enterprise, Inc.: I have worked on these systems. The good part is that the S-100 bus was the basic communication bus but the system had 3 server-boards dealing with I/O and peripherals. Those server-boards worked independently but had special communication channels with the wide blue flatcables.
Furthermore it was possible to put in slaveboards (the smaller flatcables goes to the serial I/O for monitors) with different processors.
The next generation of ACE (the Discovery X3 (and I own one of those)) also made it possible to connect PC's to the server and enabled the possibility to use terminals and PC's and different OS's (CP/M, MP/M and Concurrent Dos - based on slave-boards and device) connecting to one single harddrive / printers / disks.

Unfortunately the company made great investments in technology but hardly in communication and marketing.



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