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IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002


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  IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002 by Fred Schoenbrun - 09/18/2007 08:27
I recently came across an old IBM
Quietwriter Printer at a local tag sale
and purchased it for $10.00. It hopefully
can be used with my IBM PC-AT. I cannot
find operation documentation/manuals
anywhere. Does anybody have access to
information regarding this machine.?

Fred S.

  IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002 by Bill Degnan - 09/27/2007 12:35
What software do you wish to use for this printer? The Quietwriter would be included in most major printer driver disks than came with software of the era. I don't have the manual myself, and it would be different than an IBM ProPrinter probably.



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