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XOR S-100-4 Computer 1982-3


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  XOR S-100-4 Computer 1982-3 by Bill Degnan - 07/09/2007 11:18

I recently purchased a XOR S-100-4 computer from Jim Battle.

This weekend I took some new pictures:

With very little work I was able to get this machine up and running. Jim did a great job in restoring it to working order.

Product Ad from 1983

  US Micro ad for XOR S-100 products by Bill Degnan - 04/19/2012 20:11
I believe US Micro distributed the XOR line, perhaps XOR folded and US Micro bought them out...

Another US Micro ad for XOR hardware from Byte April 1983.

  Delta Products by Don Burns - 10/27/2016 21:36
Delta Products built and sold these S-100 systems. Then their name changed to XOR (at same physical location) and may have been because purchased by US Micro. I believe for a period of time bare bone boards were sold as XOR while Delta Product boards were populated. Not real sure anymore. XOR also made early PC clones before disappearing. I have a multi-page US Micro sale booklet and a 1982 price sheet.

More info on the Delta Prod/XOR Z-80 board & 64K dynamic RAM boards - they both used S-100 pin 60 (SIXTN) for MREQ* vs. the more common pin 65. Plus the CPU board can only address 20 address lines and not the full 24 address lines of the S-100 spec's. Easy to change the first one once you are aware of it.



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