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My Computer Likes Me when I speak BASIC


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  My Computer Likes Me when I speak BASIC by Bill Degnan - 01/28/2019 17:16
The front cover of My Computer Likes Me when i speak BASIC by Bob Albrecht publshed by DYMAX circa 1971-1972. This softcover book was intended to teach BASIC programming to students and persons previously unfamiliar with computers. Students would use this book in a classroom environment in front of a Teletype attached to a mini computer running BASIC.

Here is an example of a lesson, titled "the problem" whose purpose was to demonstrate how the same problem can be solved multiple ways. Click image for larger view.

"Follow the Signs" continues with the lesson including the useful tip of how to abort from a run-away programming loop. Click image for larger view.

There were no personal computers in 1972 when this book was first published but the demand was there and people were very eager for computer access...Students would visit schools and libraries to take classes in BASIC. The computer would not actually be present in the room where the class was being held. The I/O device, a Teletype, would be attached to (typically) a PDP 8 or PDP 11 computer remotely. The book was published by Digital Equipment Corporation (under the name DYMAX?). 250,000 copies of this book were sold!

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