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Digital PDP-8 DECUS Music Papertapes


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  Digital PDP-8 DECUS Music Papertapes by Bill Degnan - 01/03/2019 09:18
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 Music Program Papertapes 152 152a 162
decus papertapes from 1969 would likely have been written for the a PDP-8i. This is not the same as the RF music program demoed elsewhere on this web site. Click on image for larger view.

8-152a 8 Music Coding Program Symbolic #1

8-152 8 Music Coding Program Symbolic #2

8-152 Teddy Bear's Picnic Symbolic

8-152a Penny Lane Symbolic

8-152 Joy to the World Symbolic

8-152 Your Mother Should Know Symbolic

8-152a Penny Lane 0037-7720, 0170=7777
0171=7777, 0172=7750,
0173=6020 Binary

8-152 When I'm 64
0037=720, 0170=7776

Load Tunes: 440
Play Tunes: 400

"Start 8 Music" (hand-written, no printed label)

NOTE: These programs appear in the DEC DECUS catalog, Nov 1969:

DECUS No. 8-152
PDP-8 Music Program
Submitted by: D. A. George
R. G. Smith and D. j. Harrison, Carleton University, Carleton, South Carolina
The coding program allows the user to type a song on the Teletype and produce a coded binary tape of that song. It accepts musical information in a form more compatible with ordinary sheet music and converts it to a coding scheme.
The playing program plays the song "Penny Lane" via the coding program with the use of a power amplifier and speaker.
Minimum Hardware:
Tape/Disk Transfer Programs
PDP-8 with D/A Converter,
power amplifier, and speaker

Source Language:



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