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Sol-20 Keyboard Mylar Balloon Fix


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  Sol-20 Keyboard Mylar Balloon Fix by Bill Degnan - 04/11/2018 14:28
Processor Technologies SOL-20 Terminal Computer
The Processor Technologies Sol-20 Terminal Computer after keyboard restoration experiment with a mylar balloon attempted. Click image for larger view.

Happy Confirmation Balloon
I picked up the Happy Confirmation mylar balloon at the local Hallmark shop. Note the inner lining is metallic. Click image for larger view.

This is the view of a SOL-20 keyboard with the PCB removed, exposing the repalced metallic contacts. Click image for larger view.

When I got this computer all keys were dead. Typical of a Keytronics keyboard. The key foam had turned to dust. I bought one of those SOL-20 keyboard repair kits but I borrowed a few pads for another project and needed to make a few more to complete this keyboard restoration. I decided to try a mylar ballon to serve as the contact material. I cut a few rough squares to see if it would work. It does. I will return to make nicer round cuts and new pads to finish the job. Most of the remaining keys that need restoration are in the number pad. The system is now usable otherwise.

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