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DEC Server 550 converted to 11/83


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  DEC Server 550 converted to 11/83 by Bill Degnan - 03/13/2018 23:12
This thread is a collection of notes taken to get started with this DecServer 550 with 11/83 cards (left three slots). The remaining cards currently in the slots would need to be removed and replaced with others suited to a 11/83. As I got the machine the cards were not plugged in.

See thread

M8190 AE (CPU)
M8637 EH (or EA?) RAM
M8637 EH RAM

need to complete build using QBUS cards on hand.


look to see if I can find RA72 drives and cables within my inventory. I have the correct controller cards: M7164 qbus sdi disk adapter 1 of 2
M7165 qbus sdi disk adpater 2 of 2

I read one can make a SDI cable from an ethernet cable if I don't have an actual SDI cable.

Even better, I have these as my best candidate cards to attempt to use SCSI storage in the 11/83 (installed in a Decserver 550 chassis):

KZQSA M5976 -SA SCSI - I thought this was not compatible, but I have seen some evidence that it may be.!

EMULEX QT1410402-00 REV C SCSI - VAX CARD or QBUS or both?

I have to get educated. Up to this point I put off dealing with QBus and stuck to UNIBUS or Vax/Alpha. I also have a M7504 QBUS Ethernet Adapter that I believe I can put in there. Might make for a nice tweener DEC PDP/11 with modern capabilities.



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