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UNIVAC 1219 USS Midway CV-41


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  UNIVAC 1219 USS Midway CV-41 by John King - 07/19/2017 10:54
John King UNIVAC 1219 USS Midway CV-41
John says: "I have a photo of me repairing one of two 1219 while on-board the USS Midway CV-41. They were a redundant system (configured like a Master/Slave) to land aircraft on a carrier automatically without the pilots control. We used two, in case one computer went down the other would take over. Pretty cool and oh yes many hours/days without sleep repairing an intermittent on these beasts. " Click image for larger view.

John uploaded new docs to the UNIVAC 1219 document library (sort by date). He says:

"Attached are two documents that describe how the Univac 1219 computer is used in the carrier landing system. I am still searching for other information about how the Computer was interfaced to the "buffer", data-link, and gyroscopes. Thanks."

2010 VCFed 1219 rescue

UNIVAC 1219 Info submitted by Tom Morrison 2007

Comments submitted by other alumni

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