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RK11-D Installation


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  RK11-D Installation by Bill Degnan - 06/27/2017 00:19
Digital RK05 disk packs
Digital RK05 disk packs. Click image for larger view.

I am looking for the RK05 card set and backplane RK11-D.


Cards and Backplane (minus UNIBUS cables):

RK11-D is a 4-card backplane

RK11-D RK05 Disk Controller
M7254 Status Control
M7255 Disk Control
M7256 Registers
M7257 Bus Control

  RK05-D Wirewrap Backplane by Bill Degnan - 08/06/2017 18:34
RK11 Backplane Label
THe RK11 backplane

RK11 Backplane Label
View of RK11-D backplane wirewrap pins, some pins were bent and were straightened after this photo was taken. It's important that no wirewrap pins touch while the unit is in operation.



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