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Digital DEC 3000/500


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  Digital DEC 3000/500 by Bill Degnan - 05/15/2017 22:06
DEC 3000/500 with front and top cover removed.
DEC 3000/500 with front and top cover removed. Click image for more photos

Amazingly I have the cables, I will need to borrow a SGI or similar display as the VR241 I attempted was not able to synch with the display controller. I even have an old dirty mouse that should work with it.

  Initial Testing by Bill Degnan - 05/27/2017 00:55
DEC 3000 500 power up tests outputscreen. Click for larger image.

  Hacking in by Bill Degnan - 10/28/2017 10:02
DEC 3000-500 with chassis covers
DEC 3000-500 with its clothes on. I was able to find a working DEC Workstation mouse, the mouse mentioned earlier was trashed/broken. Click image for larger view.

Getting into the DEC UNIX root account is pretty simple:

>>> b dka300: (or whatever you have)

# mount -u /
# mount /usr
# passwd

(use a complex password to ensure you meet the CDE system security rules.)

restart system or
# exit or Ctrl+D, whatever works.

DEC UNIX 4 Configuration clipboard interface
Using the DEC UNIX 4 SYSMAN GUI Configuration program one can fix the BIND and related networking values easily. Once SYSMAN makes its changes check the directory structure of the system for recently updated files, this way one can learn how the same changes can be made manually if need be. Click image for larger view.

To jump into the CDE GUI desktop:

>>> b dka300: (or whatever you have)

choose the correct language if asked.


If your login script gets hung up on the ntupdate or other network-dependent step, simply CTRL+C to bypass and continue.

If all goes well, the root password you created will be accepted and you'll have full access to the UNIX CDE Desktop.



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