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Intellec MON 80 Monitor HEX Dump


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  Intellec MON 80 Monitor HEX Dump by Bill Degnan - 01/26/2015 13:04
Intel 1702A with MON 80 ROMs
Intel Intellec/8 MON 80 on 8 1702A ePROMs starting from address 3800H. Each 1702A has a sticker that reads MON 80 3800 (through ... 3F00) v. 3.0. Click image for larger view.

This set of 8 1702A ePROMs is installed in the bottom row of an Intel prom memory module imm 6-26. The IMM 6-26 had been around since the original Intellec/4, but I found references to this card in later Intellec system models for the 4040, 8008, 8080. I read that the 4040 version used 4 1702s, and the 8080 version used 16. My board has 8 1702's thus it could be argued that this is a ROM set for the 8008 (loose logic?) On the other hand, the label print style on the proms is similar to images I have seen of the MON 40 for 4040 ROM set. Given that the 4040 and 8080 came out at about the same time, MON 80 could be the companion version for the 8080.

The dates on the ePROMs themselves don't really say much except that a few were replaced in the later 70's. Apparently this sytem was used at least until then.

I pulled the monitor code off of each ePROM successfully.

Download HEX listing.

Don't confuse MON 80, the Intel ROM Monitor program, with the 8080-based Intellec MOD 80 computer system (with a "D").

The code needs to be inverted before it can be analyzed. That's what I will do next. This will be the way to say for certain what system MON 80 is from. I can simply look up the instructions and if some are only in the newer 8080 set then it's likely I have an 8080 ROM set. If on the other hand the instructions are found on the 8008 only it's more likely we have a 8008 ROM set. capiche?

  Inverted HEX uploaded by Bill Degnan - 01/28/2015 23:16
I have updated the link above to include the inverted HEX listing as well. Working on the code to see if MON 80 is 8008 or 8080. There is nothing so far that screams 8080, but I am not a pro, especially before converting to octal, which will make a lot easier to read.

  Disassembly of MON80 by Bill Degnan - 02/22/2015 11:31