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Apple /// Plus and Microsoft Softcard


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  Apple /// Plus and Microsoft Softcard by Bill Degnan - 05/02/2014 21:32
Apple III Microsoft softcard
Click on image to see the box with label - Apple Softcard /// System by Microsoft - Adding CP/M capabilities to the Apple ///. Click image for larger view.

Apple III running CP/M
Installation of the card was easy...Find an open slot and boot with an Apple III compatible CP/M disk and go! Regular SOS disks still work just fine. Click image for larger view.

Here is a closeup of the boot screen. Note the CP/M version is 2.21, I was using a disk from the A3 Group International archives, not the disk supplied with the Softcard system.

Apple III COPY Command
Here's a view of the special Microsoft CP/M Apple /// COPY utility. CAT is another example of a non-standard command but it makes sense given Apple DOS. COPY is basically like PIP with a few extra tweaks. After updating the system to recognize three drives (the default is 2) I made a backup of the CP/M boot disk. Click image for larger view.



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