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Digital PDP 11/44


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  Digital PDP 11/44 by Bill Degnan - 04/18/2014 22:42
KD11-Z card array
KD11-Z cards - the main card array. This unit also has an expansion backplane connected to the KD11-Z with a UNIBUS 9302

PDP 11/44 Front
Front view of the Digital PDP 11/44

PDP 11/44 Module Utilization Chart
The orginal 11/44 Module Utilization Chart. My system does not have all of these installed.

Here's a good page that describes the system

According to that site, if the two first slots are empty, that's ok:
C-F : empty, reserved for M7091 (KE44-A)
A-F : empty, reserved for M7092 (KE44-A). slots 11 and 12 could also be empty. Some slots have only a Grant Continuity card.

Now what? Do I really want to get into this? Well maybe. The manual seems straightforward

More pics



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