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Televideo TS-816 Youtube Video


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  Televideo TS-816 Youtube Video by Bill Degnan - 01/28/2014 11:55
Televideo TS 816 - A mutli CPU Z80 system with 128K RAM, 20Mb 8 inch Winchester hard drive and built-in 192Kb/sec tape unit for backups. The operating system is MmmOst with CP/M 2.2 and is capable of 16 simultaneous user terminal sessions.

This system would have been used in a small business. The TS-816 was from the high point of Televideo and was certainly "vintage early 80's business machine".

The 816's were relatively less expensive than the 1970's style mini computers Televideo strove to replace. Eventually various forms of networked IBM PC/XT/AT type machines knocked systems like the TS-816, TRS-80 II/12/16 and Altos 8000 MP/M systems out of the market.

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