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Vintage Computer Festival MW 2013


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  Vintage Computer Festival MW 2013 by Bill Degnan - 09/30/2013 20:11
Leif B's remote-control glove for the Commodore 64 joystick port. Leif (Schema) gave a talk on his new device in the "Deli" room. Click image for larger view.

Commodore VIC-20 Station Wagon
Ms. Emma, a regular at the VCF MW, created a custom VIC-20 she titled the Commodore VIC-20 Station Wagon. Note the display is embedded into the rear-view mirrow. Works perfectly. In addition to the glossy paint job, this computer had an embedded uIEC and other features. Click image for larger view.

Trixter of fame presented an excellent history of the IBM PCjr computer line. He also brought three systems for display depicting base, expanded and hobbyist models (above). Click image for larger view.

HP 1000
First to smoke? Not me says Jay West. Click image for larger view.

PDP 11/23 Plus
Julian's PDP 11/23 Plus. Click image for larger view.

Televideo 803
A Televideo 803 among the many vintage computing items for sale this year. Click image for larger view.

MARCH's own Justin J and I ... our exhibits were not photographed (oops)...TI CC-40 and Commodore C-116. We'll get back to you about that...Also present from MARCH were Ian and Mouse.

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  VCF MW 2013 Video by Bill Degnan - 01/01/2014 20:10
Uploaded a few camera videos to youtube.
Souped-up C-116 Demo Asteroids
C-116 Music Demo



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