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  BASIS 108 by Bill Degnan - 12/10/2012 11:35
BASIS 108 Apple II Clone Computer
The West German-made BASIS 108 was an Apple II clone with a Z80 processor and built-in video features. This unit has 128K RAM. Click image for larger view.

System power checked out, clean inside, boots Apple Pascal OS. No obvious restoration needed. After a more thorough check-out, I will explore the monitor program (6502) and attempt to boot CP/M, and Apple II programs in color.


  BASIS board maint. by Bill Degnan - 05/14/2013 18:42
Need to re-insert chip off socket, far right of pic. Or do I?

  Experimenting with Video by Bill Degnan - 10/16/2018 00:25
BASIS 108 video ports
Pictured are the rear connectors including three video ports. Click image for larger view.

I thought I'd take a stab at getting the color video port to work but it looks like I need to make a custom cable. Nothing I have on hard is a direct pin-out match. I was hoping my Commodore 1084 or Magnavox Professional display with RGB cable would work. Neither can handle the refresh rate. I have a color display for my Apple III, but the cables are not compatible. I think it's worth making an adapter and trying the Apple /// display, it's the most likely candidate for success. For the record I tried a Sony compact display unit, a Tandy RGB display and even an IBM CGA display. None work with default connector. I have the manual I just need to make a flexible adapter and retry using the schematic of the machine vs. the display used.

BASIS 108 video ports
Yes this is smoke you see spewing from the drive bay, from a blown filter cap. Fortunately this is not a fatal failure, just annoying. Click image for larger view.



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