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Xerox 820 II CP/M disks avail.


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  Xerox 820 II CP/M disks avail. by Bill Degnan - 12/12/2006 00:22
Hi - I just successfully created two boot disks for a Xerox 820 II. CP/M 2.2C. I have tested the process, works. Contact me if you're attempting to restore a Xerox system and need a boot disk. Copies are for restorative purposes only, only where permitted by law, educational use only, and so on. I have an extra manual as well, for a fair $$. I will put up pics of the system when I have the chance.

  I am working on a xerox 820 not a 820 II by chris jester - 02/17/2012 14:33

I need the boot disks its an 8 inch dsdd drives

  Xerox 820 disks compatible with 820-II? by Bill Degnan - 02/26/2012 20:24
These two systems are not compatible unless you have a utility that converts the disks




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