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A New 8086 CPU Board, Monitor, CPM86


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  A New 8086 CPU Board, Monitor, CPM86 by John Monahan - 06/25/2011 13:38
Well after 3 months of work and 3 prototype S-100 boards later (thanks Andrew!) I think we finally have an 8086 S-100 board we really like. It runs at 8MHz (two IO wait states) on the S100 bus and appears to be very reliable.

Realizing that moving from a Z80 to an 8086 system is difficult for many people I wrote a very extensive 8086 monitor to help you get going. I have written up a fairly detailed step by step process to help people get going. (When the production boards come I will of course add the step by step construction notes).

Also I have written up a complete section explaining how to build a CPM86+ operating system with only an CPM(80) system working. All necessary files are included.

Here are the pages:- (contains video).




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