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A Propeller Driven S100 Console-IO Board


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  A Propeller Driven S100 Console-IO Board by John Monahan - 05/24/2011 02:39
Andrew and I have now finished our Propeller driven S-100 Console-IO board. This board allows you to utilize a standard IBM-PC keyboard for Console input and outputs a standard VGA signal (e.g. for a modern LCD display). There are a number of port and status bit jumpers that should allow the board to be transparently spliced into most old S-100 systems without any software changes.

While the hardware for the board is done, there is ample room for a good Propeller "Spin" programmer to improve upon the software to increase the boards current 80X24 resolution.

Please see here for more information:-


  S100 Console-IO Board by Bill Degnan - 05/27/2011 13:51
Some wonderful stuff here, I recommend that everyone take some time to review the link to the page, a nice review of I/O for a S-100 system and a way to modernize as well. Could you imagine what people in 1976 would have thought about the propeller chip?



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