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Boxed Amiga 3000 and boxed CBM 1950


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  Boxed Amiga 3000 and boxed CBM 1950 by Bill Degnan - 11/13/2006 00:32
Given to me locally. At present this computer does not boot.

Front logo closeup

Front Full

Note that monitor is a Commodore 1950 Multiscan. Works.

When 3000 system is powered on, fan comes on with left green light, nothing else happens. No screen output. The motherboard processor chip (I think, I have to remove the add-on board to get part number) starts to get hot after a few minutes.

  Replacing Amiga Motherboard Battery by Bill Degnan - 01/05/2012 10:38
Amiga 3000 3.6V motherboard battery leaking. Click image for larger view.

This Amiga A3000 motherboard's battery leaked and all of the surrounding components will need to be de-soldered from the board and replaced.

New Reference photos of Amiga 3000 disassembly... so I know how to put it back together!



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