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AT&T PC 7300
  by Bill Degnan - 01/02/2010 23:56
This AT&T PC 7300 was donated for study.

The AT&T PC 7300 UNIX Computer from 1985. Serial Number 370429020 000139

So far I have tested the power and the memory, all OK. System originally booted up, but I did not have any login info so I decided to format the drive and re-install the OS from disks. There is a minimal OS 3.5.1 loaded for the moment. Doing research to determine next best action.


Installing an ST-251 into a AT&T 7300
  by Bill Degnan - 01/06/2010 09:19
The ST-251 does not appear on the options when initializing a hard drive from the diagnostic menu. I chose "other drive" from the option. The ST-251 has the following specs:

TRACKS 4,920

If you divide 4920 by 820 you get 17, which is the cylinders per track ratio. You need this number to correctly format the drive.

Anyway, after the format and surface scan completed (took over an hour), I re-installed UNIX 3.5.1 successfully and fully. Next I plan to install software and configure to my taste.

Installing software UNIX PC 7300
  by Bill Degnan - 01/08/2010 23:57
List of programs installed on this system from the SCORE! public domain archive

see filecabinet folder and look for man primitives for these.

Larn v12
Hack 1.0.3
Othello v 1.0
casino games
Star Trek
DHS (MS DOS Cmds for the Korn shell)
Big Ben
VCalc 1.3
Chess SHAH v 1.1
Crystal Cave Adventure

Form Maker 1.1 (note) - to run Office to set preference default of screen editor to: /usr/bin/vi
OR install the CT word processor. this is required by Form Maker. (done)

Steffens CScope [list man(1) and lpr(1) for help by typing "man(1) command]

HRDCPY (make sure usr/lbin is in path)
see usr/man/

U of Ariz's Icon programming language

VSpell - need to install development set first. (done). See /docs/vspell for info.

15 disk development set.
-document preparation
-enhanced editors
-development set
-virtual device interface - GSS Graphics C Language Building, etc.

NEXT - Test software, and determine how to get to the motherboard so I can replace the internal battery.