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  1975 Microcomputer Directory by Bill Degnan - 10/13/2009 22:01
The COSMAC Microkit 1 (RCA) was an early 1801 microcomputer kit from 1975.

A directory of microcomputers was compiled by Robert M. Grossman, Associate Editor of EDN Microprocessor Design Series Volume II. Robert wrote an article titled µC Systems Directory: where have all the µP's gone?.

NOTE: µC = "microcomputer" and µP = "microprocessor.

More 1975 microcomputing devices: The Microcontroller (Scientific Micro Systems), the M6800 (Motorola), and the MicroPac 80 microcomputer (Process Computer Systems)

MITS is listed as a manufacturer and so are a lot of very interesting other companies, some I never heard of, but I am missing the page that lists the models and prices. We all know about the MITS Altair, but was the Allen-Bradley Co. of Highland Hts. Ohio making a computer in 1975?



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