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  My B Series Software by Bill Degnan - 09/05/2006 21:31
Name/Intended System/Manuf

Calc Result 700BX Handic
Word Result 700BX Handic
General Ledger 8032 Info Designs
Payroll 8032 Info Designs
Accounts Payable 8032 Info Designs
Accounts Receivable 8032 Info Designs
Inventory 8032 Info Designs
Accounts Payable B Series Commodore
General Ledger B Series Commodore
Order Entry B Series Commodore
Payroll B Series Commodore
Accounts Receivable B Series Commodore
Payroll 8050 drive BPI Systems
Job Cost 8050 drive BPI Systems
Accounts Payable 8050 drive BPI Systems
Superbase B-128 Commodore
Superbase II B-128 Commodore
Superscript B-128 Commodore
Superscript II B-128 Commodore
SuperOffice B-128 Commodore



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