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TRS DOS 1.3 Disk Instruction Course 2


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  TRS DOS 1.3 Disk Instruction Course 2 by Bill Degnan - 04/07/2005 20:16
CMD Commands

CMD"S" exit BASIC enter DOS
CMD"T" turn off clock, you need to do this before you save something to tape in some cases.
CMD"R" restart clock
CMD"D" loads TRS DOS debug

INSTR("TRSDOS","D0") = 4
because "D0" is located w/i the string "TRSDOS" @ the 4th character
...NOTE = 0 when not located in string.

DIR :1 - directory of drive 1
DIR :0 (S) - show all visible and system files on the disk
DIR :0 (I,S) - show all files on disk
DIR :0 (A) - show visible files on disk and space used
DIR :0 (I,S,A) show all files and space used

BACKUP when run by itself defaults to the equivalent of

To make a boot disk?:
BACKUP :0 TO :1 (I,S)

for password maintenance command take tutorial on disk II Note that the commans below are contained inside brackets to clarify entier command.
[PROT :0 (PW)] - set password (you will be prompted for one)
[PROT :2 (LOCK)]
NOTE: (Don't include the [ and ] characters when you enter your commands.

space remaining on drives



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