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Cataloging ESF wafer library


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  Cataloging ESF wafer library by Bill Degnan - 03/09/2008 23:31
I am in the middle of cataloging all of my working ESF programs. I have been side-tracked by other projects, but soon enough I'll get through it all.
...a few screen shots taken during testing:

I sold my spare Exatron Stringy Floppy drive on Ebay last week.

What's next...

Using TRS 80 Model 1

1. Implement a method for converting wafer contents to cassette (Users guide has instructions)

2. Implement a method for converting wafer contents to disk
The issue with #2; you can't have the expansion unit and the ESF operating at the same time because they use the same expansion port. So what I believe you have to do is set up two TRS 80's and share one cassette drive. The first TRS 80 will have the stringy floppy and the cassette, the 2nd will share the same cassette (using a switch box) player and will also interface with EI and disk drive. The cassette will act as the bridge.

3. A method for recording the cassette copies as WAV files that can in turn be used on modern machines.

4. Disassembling code, printing assembly code directly from wafer, including data files.

  format wafer in 2nd stringy drive by Bill Degnan - 05/29/2009 22:25
The command to format a wafer in the 2nd of two stringy floppy drives is

@#1NEW [return]

Once you tell the system you're using drive 1 (2nd one) all commands will be run against that drive until you switch back:
@#0NEW [return]



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