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Name Size
16KRAM_blueSW1.jpg 73,093 KB
8800b-T_chassis-rear.jpg 249,422 KB
8800b-T_power-connectors.jpg 191,218 KB
8800b-T_s-n_label.jpg 171,630 KB
8800b-T_transformer.jpg 257,123 KB
8800Bt_promcard_SIOconnector.J 179,700 KB
8800Bt_promcard_switches.JPG 720,228 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234.JPG 26,870 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234_cover-off 279,126 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234_frontpane 121,479 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234_jumpers-s 720,228 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234_RAM.JPG 312,322 KB
8800Bt_sn_300-000234_screensho 151,061 KB
8800Bt_with_Zenith_Z-19.JPG 157,749 KB
altair8800b-t_front.jpg 105,910 KB
Altair8800b-t_notes.txt 463 KB
altair8800b-t_ports.jpg 39,924 KB
altair8800b-t_PROMview_sw6-7.j 99,358 KB
altair8800b-t_rev1_frontboard. 435,928 KB
altair8800b-t_serialnum.jpg 292,587 KB
altair8800b-t_slotboard_snum.j 116,556 KB
card_positions.jpg 203,679 KB
closeup_processorchip.jpg 48,432 KB
hi-res_front.gif 667,979 KB
promcard_backside.jpg 517,376 KB
promcard_modT.jpg 158,593 KB
s100_8080a.jpg 636,500 KB


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