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Name Size
Zenith Z89.JPG
Xerox Alto-II-XM DIR
VCFMW2010 setup2.JPG
VCFMW2010 setup.JPG 196,551 KB
TI994a Atari800.jpg 211,182 KB
Terminal Island.jpg 195,250 KB
SinclairSIG DIR
Next workstation.jpg
Mike Lee Micros2.JPG 183,804 KB
Mike Lee Micros.JPG 173,370 KB
Micro 4-40 computer2.jpg
Micro 4-40 computer.jpg 229,419 KB
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010 3.jpg 208,078 KB
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010 2.jpg
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010.jpg 425,178 KB
HPSystems.JPG 249,775 KB
HP 2622A.JPG 303,499 KB
Honeywell-6800 control panel p 379,861 KB
Honeywell-6800 control panel.j 333,833 KB
gizmos sbc6120.jpg
Empire exhibit Justin.jpg 103,008 KB
Empire exhibit.jpg 144,787 KB
DecWriter 8inDiskDrive.jpg
DEC WT78WordTerminal.JPG
Cosmac Micro-Computer-1802 hom 299,583 KB
Cosmac 1802 homebrew cardview.
Commodore DIR
Briel Altair8800micro.JPG
Briel Altair8800micro-and-MITS 346,094 KB
AppleIIe MP3player.JPG
AppleIIe CannotCat DecWriters. 162,069 KB
Adam Colecovision Family Compu


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