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Name Size
DEC WT78WordTerminal.JPG
HP 2622A.JPG 303,499 KB
Terminal Island.jpg 195,250 KB
Cosmac Micro-Computer-1802 hom 299,583 KB
Micro 4-40 computer.jpg 229,419 KB
Micro 4-40 computer2.jpg
Next workstation.jpg
Cosmac 1802 homebrew cardview.
Honeywell-6800 control panel.j 333,833 KB
VCFMW2010 setup.JPG 196,551 KB
VCFMW2010 setup2.JPG
Empire exhibit.jpg 144,787 KB
Zenith Z89.JPG
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010.jpg 425,178 KB
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010 2.jpg
Jim-and-Justin VCFMW2010 3.jpg 208,078 KB
Empire exhibit Justin.jpg 103,008 KB
gizmos sbc6120.jpg
HPSystems.JPG 249,775 KB
Mike Lee Micros.JPG 173,370 KB
Mike Lee Micros2.JPG 183,804 KB
Adam Colecovision Family Compu
AppleIIe CannotCat DecWriters. 162,069 KB
DecWriter 8inDiskDrive.jpg
AppleIIe MP3player.JPG
Briel Altair8800micro.JPG
Briel Altair8800micro-and-MITS 346,094 KB
TI994a Atari800.jpg 211,182 KB
Honeywell-6800 control panel p 379,861 KB
Commodore DIR
SinclairSIG DIR
Xerox Alto-II-XM DIR


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