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Name Size
3B2 Exhibit Strmg1.jpg 257,301 KB
6502 Exhib MikeLee1.jpg 621,707 KB
6502 Exhib MikeLee2.jpg 618,012 KB
6502 Exhib MikeLee3.jpg 462,291 KB
6502 Exhib MikeLee4.jpg 404,663 KB
Apple-II exhib Willigal1.jpg 618,340 KB
Apple-II Kelly1.jpg 410,918 KB
Apple-II Kelly Primus2.jpg 338,174 KB
AppleI-Replica Exhibit Williga 725,298 KB
AppleI-Replica Exhibit Williga
AppleI-Replica Exhibit Williga 689,502 KB
ASR33-Teletype exhibit degnan.
ASR33-Teletype exhibit degnan6 421,890 KB
Atari-ST exhibit Malloy1.jpg
Atari-ST exhibit Malloy2.jpg 582,639 KB
Atari-ST exhibit Malloy3.jpg 518,757 KB
Atari Medical-Phone exhib Vend 384,385 KB
Atari Medical-Phone exhib Vend 578,531 KB
Atari Mod Exhibit Dodd1.jpg
Atari Mod Exhibit Dodd2.jpg 529,841 KB
ATT-3B2 Primus.jpg
ATT Exhibit Strmg2.jpg 531,620 KB
Bell-Howell-Apple NorthStar-Ho 314,251 KB
Calcomp Plotter exhibit Gessw. 506,692 KB
Commodore BBS Jernigan1.jpg
Commodore BBS Jernigan2.jpg 407,850 KB
Corvus Exhibit Strmg1.jpg 353,718 KB
DEC PDP-8a exhibit Gessw.jpg
DECmate-III exhib gessw.jpg 501,807 KB
DECmate-III exhib gessw2.jpg 424,071 KB
DecStation exhibit Ayengar.jpg 381,176 KB
Digital Components exhib gessw 607,182 KB
Digital Group Exhibit 297,317 KB
Digital Group Exhibit
Digital Group Exhibit 571,498 KB
Digital VT100 exhib gesw.jpg
Franklin Ace-1000.jpg 370,961 KB
Hero Exhib Pierson1.jpg 621,703 KB
Hero Exhib Pierson2.jpg 633,820 KB
History exhib Holley.jpg 372,718 KB
IBM 1130 console.jpg
IBM 1130 opened.jpg 613,566 KB
IBM 1130 opened2.jpg
IBM 1130 opened3.jpg
IBM 1132.jpg
IBM 2501.jpg
IBM PC-and-XT.jpg 310,308 KB
Macintosh Exhib Patoray1.jpg 412,185 KB
Macintosh Exhib Patoray2.jpg 518,163 KB
Mindset exhib Vendel1.jpg
Mindset exhib Vendel2.jpg
Mindset exhib Vendel3.jpg 381,682 KB
Mindset exhib Vendel4.jpg
Nec UltraLite Laptop.jpg 571,110 KB
Osborne Exhibit Loewen1.jpg 520,125 KB
Osborne Exhibit Loewen2.jpg 496,942 KB
S-100 exhibit Chapman.jpg 631,313 KB
S-100 exhibit Chapman2.jpg 653,230 KB
Sanyo mac-555.jpg
Sony SMC70 exhibit Cirulnick.j 293,193 KB
Sony SMC70 exhibit Meyer2.jpg 527,625 KB
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan.jpg
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan2.jpg 390,828 KB
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan3.jpg 423,192 KB
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan4.jpg 438,324 KB
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan5.jpg
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan6.jpg
swtpc-6800 exhib degnan7.jpg 572,072 KB
Transistors exhib Roganti.jpg
Viva-Amiga Exhibit Weddington. 327,556 KB
WhatsIt Exhibit Meyer1.jpg 358,766 KB
WhatsIt Exhibit Meyer2.jpg 306,812 KB
WhatsIt exhibit Meyer3.jpg


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