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Name Size
1000 hx DIR
1000 sx DIR
1000 tx DIR
aerocomp 9120-0010.jpg 195,635 KB
cm-5 DIR
CompuLogic TRS-III-4 RS23 Kit. 2,170,773 KB
corvus card.jpg 323,294 KB
digitizer DIR
mfm mirror.html 38,254 KB
Pocket-Computers DIR
RadioShack TRS80 Color-Mouse.j 379,768 KB
rs-232 serial interface.jpg 101,749 KB
rs-232 serial interface new 60 41,333 KB
tandy boxcover II to 16.jpg 53,406 KB
tandy controller modII-16 hard 369,144 KB
Tandy DCM-3 modem.JPG 103,343 KB
Tandy External Drives.jpg
tandy model xx motherboard.jpg 706,412 KB
Tandy RS232.html 1,267 KB
tandy softare LDOS 631 boot mi 60,455 KB
tandy software 2-12-16 diagnos 53,780 KB
tandy software 2-12-16 diagnos 41,552 KB
tandy software 631boot 66,336 KB
tandy software mod II-12-16 a. 156,241 KB
tandy software mod II-12-16 b. 147,122 KB
tandy software powermail mod I 56,983 KB
tandy trs80 DC back.jpg 105,328 KB
tandy trs80 DC closeup1.jpg 90,321 KB
tandy trs80 DC closeup2.jpg 57,661 KB
TPI DD 10-5355-00.jpg 586,865 KB
TPI DD 10-5355-00 pic2.jpg 171,035 KB
TRS-80 system boxes.jpg
trs80 1 DIR
trs80 100 DIR
trs80 102 DIR
trs80 12 DIR
trs80 16b DIR
trs80 2 DIR
trs80 2 disk-system DIR
trs80 3 DIR
trs80 3 0019671 DIR
trs80 3 hi-res DIR
trs80 3 stringy floppy DIR
TRS80 3 VRData DIR
trs80 4 DIR
trs80 4 FCC DIR
trs80 4p DIR
trs80 4p-w15MegHD DIR
trs80 8MB-DS DIR
trs80 coco1 DIR
trs80 coco2 DIR
trs80 coco3 DIR
trs80 FP-215 DIR
TRS80 Orchestra-90.jpg 429,428 KB
xenix 68000 DIR


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